How often you remember your early childhood days? How many times you miss the after school or mid afternoon 'fun' times of our school days? Do you wish that if you could play the same way drenched in monsoon rain or burnt under the sun like you used to do when you were a kid? We all miss those days. Aren't we? But its allways a plesure remembering those early childhood days even though we know those days will never come back again. The thought of the music video of my album "Chhotto Chhelebela" came from here, where in the video a guy misses his childhood and all the good times he spent. The everyday events in his current place always reminds him of those wonderful days.

Now to the actual shooting. It was diffcult to shoot a video with Indian kids as I live abroad. But, thanks to Mr. Chandrasekhar Shil, Mr. Kaustav Duttagupta and his team for all their help and support to make this video posible. It was peak summer of 2009 and we shot in a village near Baruipur amidst 40 degree celcius! New York chapter was relatively easier on the comfort front but had its own challenge. Just 10 minutes before the scheduled time one of the lead character failed to show up and we had to manage with a tourist from Colombia! The director of photography, Lance Kaplan for the New York chapter was just amazing! It was his first non-english project and translating him the lyrics and meaning of the song was fun. It gives me immense pleasure to present the first ever Bengali music video shot together in New York and Kolkata connecting two most adorable and vibrant city on this planet.

I thank everybody who extended their helping hand to make this video possible.

Thank you for watching.
Aakash Deep.

Chhotto Chhelebela - Low Resolution Video

Chhotto Chhelebela - High Resolution Video

Director: Aakash Deep

Camera (New York): Lance Kaplan

Camera (India): Kaustav Duttagupta

Production Controller: Chandrasekhar Shil

My sincere thanks to these people for their help and support without which this video wouldn't have been possible:
Apu Da, Ashok Da, Ayushi, Raj, Jeff Kaufman, Rikki Kaufman, Peter, Rupsha, Shampa, Subhadeep

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